Can someone check this out, I'm having a bad day sorry :( here's a heart <3

Hey, I just put out a story (my first one) and it’s called “Basketball Wonder.” It’s a romance, and female dressing as a male.

I think it’s really gucci, and I was wondering if anyone was interested in checking it out. I want some opinions so I can get an idea on what I need to improve on. :slight_smile:

Also, if you read this (or don’t) here is das pole.

  • It was ok.
  • The characters were okay, but the music kinda sucked.
  • I was bored.
  • Gurl, I ain’t got time to read your story.
  • I had a strong opinion against ____ during the story.
  • Its boring.
  • It’s not good.
  • It’s not interesting.
  • There were good elements and bad elements to it.
  • I would continue reading it.
  • I wouldn’t continue reading it.
  • I’m a huge fan of the plot and possible ship.
  • I don’t really care.

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Oh my goodness! Thanks, I’ll check yours out as well.

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Moved to Share Feedback since you’re asking for feedback on your story. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

This is really good! Keep up the amazing work. Your directing was great! You should be super proud of yourself. :slight_smile:

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