Can someone code a scene for me

I have a scene and it’s like a car chase (one car chasing the other) and trying to run them off the road and i’m having trouble coding it. Could anyone possibly do it for me?

Hey there, i could give it a try, can you be more specific tho?

it’s kinda a difficult scene, so basically one car is chasing the main character and her friend who’s in another car and crashing into they’re car and trying to run them off the road by driving really close to them and bumping into they’re car and also cutting back to them in their car freaking out. if that makes any sense

Wow, okay that does sound a little complicated.
I’ll see this as an opportunity to improve my coding skills!
I need you to tell me:
-What background you want for this scenes
-The car overlays that you want me to use

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okay I’ll pm you the details

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