Can someone create 2 covers for my LL story?

I need someone to create 2 Limelight covers for my story “The Ember Moon Pack” for the beginning and end of the story please. My story is a “create main character” type of story, so I just need to attractive males and one average/cute female in between the two of the males. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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hi, I could make them pm me

I reached my max messages apparently :frowning: But I would love it if you created my covers!

@gisellec theres a max messages? (you learn something new everyday)
anyways… I would need you to send me screenshots of the characters in the position you want them in

the background they’re in doesn’t matter, (but preferably not BLACK)

sounds good! :slight_smile:

@gisellec do you want splashes or covers? (a splash is something like: this story contains mature themes and strong language, a cover is something like this:


I would like a cover please! something that I could start with and end with that has the name of the episode :slight_smile: Also, you can choose any character or position! I trust your creativity!

Can you please send the screenshots with the position because I can’t code, so I make ink covers on mobile creation, but LL isn’t on MC so I can’t make them unless u send screenshots. @gisellec sorry for the extra work

No no I completely understand! give me a sec beaut :slight_smile:

sorry their messed up :((

It’s totally fine

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