Can someone create a Cover Art for me please?

Hey I am currently writing a story but need a cover art.I have tried to do them in the past, but they are never good.I was wondering if anyone can help make me one, I will definitively give you a shout out on both the story and Instagram. I have put 3 pictures that show roughly what I want, I don’t want all of them just one of them.If you can do any of the 3 pictures, please let me know.P.S for the last pic I was thinking to have both the guy and girl to look towards the reader instead of away.For now I will give brief details about what I want and if I find someone I will tell them more about through PM.

  • 2 characters on both small screen and large screen.
  • It is an limelight version.
  • The vibe/theme is flirtatious, fun and vibrant


Thank you.

Can i try

I only draw on paper

If u want to see what i drew pls go to darkangel_episode

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