Can someone create a pfp for me?


Character Deets:
Skin: Honey
Nose: Elven
Eye: Downturned Bold Taupe
Mouth: Classic
Face: Round
Eyebrow: Thick Flat
Hair: Straight Fawn
Can she have highlighter, a little bit of contour, and freckles?


Yea I can try, but it would probably be easier if u could send a pic.


I can if you need it?


Okay I will.



Any color background is fine


I can try


Okay, did u want anything specific? Like ur name on it or anything?


But I dont want to interfere


than don’t.




I was just asking a question because I dont want them to think I am doing it when someone else is


I don’t mean to be rude but please just don’t interfere. It was clear she had chosen. Ugh just get on discord.


I hope this is okay. Im still new at this, if u want something better I can recommend some people.

I tried to touch up on the make up a little. And I didn’t know how to add freckles. Sorry if u didn’t like it.


Yes thats what I mean by I dont want to interfere


Its awesome




You get on discord this instant I am soo mad rn you can’t even comprehend.


Oops sorry


Yes it really is