Can someone create an overlay for me from this background?


Can some help me make an overlay out of this bar?
I would like to put a bartender behind it and people in front of it.
Thank you sooo much in advance!


I can try my best if you would like…


Just the bar in the back??


Yes please!


I guess in the middle technically


Yes, just the bar


Gotcha… doing it now



And yes in the middle haha


How is this is??



I think it’s perfect!

And the credits can I make to?


@EpisodeStudio please or on insta… thanks


Can you maybe make one off this one too?
The counter on the left including that cabinet and on the right.
So someone can stand behind it.


And please don’t forget to also jeremy or Ryan to close the topic


Of course!!
No problem!


I sure can


Ok so I made a few… lol




Oh wow!
You’re amazing!!
Thank you soooo much!!!

You can find them in story: My best Friend’s Brother
I’m rewriting it, so only chapters 1-5 ar ready to read.

Your credit will be in my story as soon as I use it.


Sounds interesting I will have to check it out… I also do covers, splashes and stuff
EpisodeStudio does it all


If I have an idea for a cover, I’ll know where to go :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

The last picture is a JPEG BTW…


What are splashes?