Can someone create an overlay for me?


Het there all of you talented art people! Could anyone possibly create an overlay of the stair railing on the background INT. VICTORIAN SET - DAY for me? I hope what I’m asking for makes sense, credit will of course be given :blush:


Is this good?


I don’t know which part of the railing you cut out, but the main part I was looking for was this:

I just now realized that I could’ve uploaded an image from the beginning to clarify what I needed more, I’m SO sorry if I wasted your time :slightly_frowning_face: Anyways, thank you for trying to help me out - and I’m again extremely sorry for the inconvenence :persevere:


Although, if it makes you feel better the overlay you made will probably come in handy too… not sure if it changed the fact that you probably wasted your time on me :sweat_smile: Geez, I feel horrible. SORRY AGAIN!


Don’t worry about! I have a lot of time on my hands. I’ll do that part rn :grin:


Oh, thank you! That is so sweet of you :persevere::revolving_hearts:


Here are your stairs! :smiley:


Oh wow, that’s amazing :heart_eyes_cat:


You’re welcome! :grin:


Oops, I though you were @puma, but thank you anyway. :hearts:


Thank you so much, you’re an angel! :heart_eyes:


I forgot to ask, do you want me to credit your forum name or should I credit an instagram of yours?


No credit needed, I just do this for fun. :relieved: