Can someone create this overlay for me

Hello! I have been looking every where, asking questions and what not to try and get my own custom chair overlay but nothing works! So I’ve just decided to make a new topic so hopefully, someone can help! What I need to be done is I need the chair from INT. DINING ROOM RESIDENTIAL - DAY however, I would like the chair to not be facing backward but facing the front. If there is anyone who can do this it would be VERY appreciated!!


I can try :slight_smile:

Like this?

@PaigeBC Not exactly. See how the chair is still kinda facing side ways, I need the chair to facing the front :joy: It’s really confusing to explain!

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So like if you’re reading the story facing the screen?

@PaigeBC yep!

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Okk I’ll try!

I should have it done by tomorrow :slight_smile: , but I should probably sleep right now considering it’s past 3 am.

Thank you so much! Sorry about the time differences!!

There’s no need to apologize lol

I think it might finally be done, I had to redraw the whole chair >-< if you don’t like anything just let me know and I can fix it! :smile:

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@PaigeBC That actually is so perfect! What app did you use to make this?? Also, how do you want me to credit you?

I used ibis paint x and you can just use PaigeBC :blush:

@PaigeBC Ok sure! So basically redrew the whole chair?


Oh, that would’ve being hard. Thanks again!!

No problem! :grin: