Can someone cut the door out of this background to make it an overlay

Do you want the door to be closed or just the overlay of the background?

just the overlay i already have the closed door background i just need to change the hallway so im making it an overlay

Yes. I can do it!

I can e-mail it to you, if you have quality issues on forums!

i meant making the doorway an overlay so i can place another it on another hallway background

basically making the whole thing an overlay with the doorway cut out

You want the mirror, the lights all that??
And only the middle part to be removed?

yeah the part where someone would stand in the hallway

Okay got that!

Is this right?

Perfect thank you

No worries!

Hi everyone!

Can someone help me? I’d love for someone to help me cut around the flowers so that it gives me an overlay (I’ve drawn a red line above the flowers to help you see the direction and the flowers etc). Thank you so much!