Can someone do a cover for my book please

The story is called Good Bye Spy if you have any better ideas for a title just say. It is about this girl called Mila who finds out her parents are spies when thet say that they are going to miss her graduation. She leaves and moves to California to live with her cousin Nicole. And meets a guy at her job as a waitress. Even though dhe has always wanted to be a actress. They get along really well and find out that they are neighbours. They start to develop feelings for each other.
The plan is that on their first date she sees her parents and he points the gun at them. He is working at the spy organisation that her parents are trying to stop. She still doesn’t know he is a spy.
His name is Lawrence btw
She hates spies because her parents are spies. She tries to stop him from shooting her parents and gets hit in the shoulder and hits her head really bad.
She goes to the hospital and Lawrence just told her she fell and hit her head and must be very confused.

Can someone please make a cover for this story

Mila looks like this:

Lawrence looks like this:

I don’t intend on paying you but cpuld give you a shout out on instagram or the story thanks
Please say ideas on how to make the story even better

I can do it. Here’s my art shop

Yes please

Yes please

Request on my art shop