Can someone do a cover for my new story or help me please?

Hi i am making a story its my first one im not good at making covers can anyone help me make one please? :blush:

I can help you :upside_down_face::sparkles:
Would you like a cover edit or an art cover?

Thank you so much and i will give you credit for it. Im new and still learning. I believe i would like an art cover for my first story. :blush:

I dont know how this works really. What would i need to send you? :blush:

You would usually send a photo of your character/s and with that you send their details: Eye shape, face shape, hair and if there’s anything specific you’d like on your cover you let them know what exactly that is. I hope that helped!

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Thank you so much! I am still learning ill make sure i take pics of the characters and get all the info. Its really exciting. Its Its harder than it looks. Lol

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That’s alright! If you have decided to create your own episode cover I suggest the app/website MediBang Paint.

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I will try that out when i get home! Thank you. I will give it a try. If i do horrible I’ll see if someone can help me out. Im not good at that stuff. Lol

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Your welcome, do you have an Instagram?

If not, I recommend getting Instagram because you can create your own account where you can post a bunch about episode there, it’s a great way to promote your story on a whole different plat form and if you ever decide to create episode edits you can also post them there, but of course, it is up to you!

I do. Its ashley_episode21

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Oh, haha. Well good luck for your episode story, and creating the cover! Bye.

I have one but i dont think its the create one? Is there 2 different ones?

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Maybe if you send a photo of the character that you want to appear in the cover, I can help, maybe…

Ok. Thank you. I will put them up. These to are the main ones. The are going to be together.

Okay, if I can help, I will send the cover to you when it will be finished.

Excuse me. Is this a romance story? This two character are in love?

Is the boy her boyfriend?

Yes he is. :slightly_smiling_face:

This story is Romance and fantasy story. :slight_smile: