Can someone do a LL edit for me?

Skin colour: natural 3
Brows: arched natural, dark brown
Hair: long feathered, platinum blonde
Eyes: female generic, blue green
Face: diamond
Nose: round button upturned
Lips: small heart, pink beige matte
Emote: flirt

Thanks x

You might have more responses if you include some details.
You haven’t even said what it’s for, like a profile picture, art scene, random edit, what clothes are they wearing, what theme or background. There’s literally nothing to go off here, so it’s hard for an artist to do something in these circumstances.

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I was going to put it after that put I don’t need it anymore I forgot how to delete the thing

you mean you don’t need the edit anymore? then you can ask @Sydney_H or @Jeremy to close the topic for you

@Ellie7484 would you like us to close your thread? :sunglasses:

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Closed at request of @Ellie7484 Thanks! :smiley: