Can someone do a script template for me, please? LL

Hiya! I need a script template of 6 characters fighting 4 fairies
Character 1 - Leah - Power manipulation
Character 2 - Zach - Power He can invent things and plans super fast
Character 3 - Myra - Power Can sing at a super high octave
Character 4 - Logan - Can read minds
Character 5 LI - Alex - Can learn to do things incredibly fast
Character 6 MC - You - Memory

I will 100% give you credit in my story. Thank you so very much! :blush:

late reply but what do you need the template to do?

do you want them standing in a scene with overlays .ect?


Well I don’t need overlays, I just want about 7 vampires fighting 6 supernatural humans. So it kind of looks real with fancy zooms and stuff.

any particular background? do you just want the spot direction done or the zooms as well?


No background in particular! I just need some spot directing and zooms! Advanced stuff!

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