Can someone do an edited cover for me? (EDITED NOT DRAWN)

I don’t really want a drawn cover done for my story. I think an edited version will do it just fine. So if anyone would like to help, I’ll give them details to you :heart:

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I can just give me the details :slight_smile: and make sure to sending ur characters with the pose you want

ok! Do you have examples of your work though?

Here are some :two_hearts: ^

Those are great!

Just send your characters in the pose u want and I’ll do it :slight_smile: ( send them with good quality bc it’ll look bad when I use it )

here or pm

Here :grin:

I can do it!

@Yuke can I see some examples

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Yes, in this shop are my examples, you can also request if you want!

Do you still need a cover?
If so, check out:

Hi I was wondering if anyone can make a edited cover for me for free ?