Can someone do me a small cover for my story? Please?

Its gonna be a little difficult since it will need some cutting on these heads:
Capture853 Capture852
The background would be this:

I just need the heads to be showing at the edges as you can tell by the cut out and place the title in the middle “All In One” and the author Kaktayy somewhere near. Of course leave your watermark in the corner I will give full credits to the person who will do this for me! <3

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She can help you SnowFlake’s Art Shop [OPEN] !

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Or I can try to do it for you :thinking:

Hope you like this! (Haha I know that the artists are better than me so feel absolutely free to use their cover!!:wink:)

If I have to change something let me know!

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Its very nicely done, Ill put it on, tysm!

Glad you like it!