Can someone do the art for my sad story please

For my first story, I want to make a cover art; but honestly, I suck at it. Would anyone like to help? Pretty please… It’s a dark/depressing story.
Of course, you will get full credit and a shout out when I release it. Thank you.

Hi @SweetJazzyJazz :grinning:
I’m Sophbee and I will gladly help with art cover for your story. However, I’m pretty busy for these few days and I might take a week (max) to do your cover. I really hope you don’t mind waiting cuz I would be honored to do cover for you. Feel free to visit my thread for examples that I’ve done and leave a request through PM cuz my thread is currently closed. I understand if you prefer someone else to do cover for you. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sophbee's Art Thread ✨ (CLOSED TO CATCH UP)

I would love to help you too if you would like… here are some of my examples…


Your artwork is beautiful but I was looking for art without Episode characters on it. Thank you for the offer though.

I really like your work; and you’ve done some work of some stories I have read before; but I was looking for artwork without Episode characters on it. Thank you for the offer though.

Hey, I could give it a shot if you want. I haven’t ever drawn anything dark, but I have done sad. If you want, you can see examples of my work on insta @kreatively_keen. If you dont have an insta, that’s fine I can send you some pictures, but I have to go on my computer and I’m just lazy right now :joy:.

I would also like to help, if you are still looking for a cover done by art.

Art examples


I can help if you still need one