Can someone do this Art scene for me please

Hey, I have a specific art scene that I would like done.

Backround: in front of City Skyscrapers. On a pavement
Colour: Black, White and Grey is the only colours you can use but the MC will be in Colour. (Will send her deets in a PM)

Scene: MC stands on a pavement in the screen center and looks blank in front of her, while people and cars pass her by.

Note: The people passing and cars are in Black, white and grey and are to look faded and fuzzy.
Only the MC is in colour.

She is to be standing blankly or deep in thought. In this oufit.

Thank you. :rose:

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I can help if you want and I have examples if you wanna see those :heartpulse:

Yes please :heart:

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I don’t really have any in a regular style right now that are recent since I’ve just been drawing creepy edits lately :sweat_smile:

Since I’m finishing a request up I’ll send you it as an example when I’m done :revolving_hearts:

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