Can someone do this for me? I have been struggling with this for months!

I need someone to make a main menu for free please. I just cant figure out how to do it, i always mess things up :sob: I already have all the buttons and the background and everything ready i just need someone to code it for me. I would like if the buttons could just appear on the screen slowly if you know what i mean, also i would like if it could be all setup for me to use all i have to do is change the characters name. Thank you if you can!

I can do it if you send me the overlays

Perfect thank you!

if this is your full overlays I may already know why, you can not make it work.

you see this entire transparent part is part of the overlay. meaning its all tappable

meaning it goes over each other. and make it hard to tap the thing you want because another overlay cover it

when its tappable you need to make sure it dosent have a giant transparent background around it

it should be around same size as the overlay



Ohhh wow i did not know that! thank you!

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Do you think you could still make me a main menu and fix that? or would you like me to see if i can find someone else who could help me fix that??

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here are they in a size their should fit. so they wont go over each other.






its very simple to make, I just think your mistake was the size of your overlays

you properly has to respot the overlays on your background but els its just you do, and replace overlays with names you use



goto end_story

“CC” {
add cc


How do i make it go to customize?

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that depend on how you wanna do it.

how had you plan to do it?

where you gonna use the dara templet?

I recomend that. I also recomend not to add the CC before the chapter is finish, because its in the way

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Yes I was, thank you so much! Sorry for the late response x.x

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