Can someone draw for me?



Can someone draw me a detailed drawing of this character.?

Could you make it so shes facing back but her heads turned around and shes kinda like smirking? if that make sense. I’ll explain more details, so could she wear the outfit shes wearing in the picture? also can the background be like a grey bedroom? thank you so much whoever does it. Any question, ask xxx


Episode harmony can

I can also


Heres my examples

Untitled72 IMG_20180804_094358_834 Untitled69-3 IMG_20180803_233439_117 Untitled69-4


Your amazing, would it be okay if you draw the girl in the picture with the description i put? thank you so much btw!! xxx




Just wondering, how long will it be? i dont mind xx


@Epy.raven are you still doing this?




Do you want to do it


Nah, I was just doing it for fun lol


Watermarked for stealers and because I did wanted to try something new.
Epy.raven is completing this request so I’ll let her complete it without interruptions lol. :wave:


OH MY GODDD! i love it. Thank you so much!! XXXX


Oh do you want it? If so, I can make the watermark not so big lol :sweat_smile:


yeah i do i love it and sure xx


Thank you xxx


Wowo omg please join the group your si mamamzing


Okay, well if you’re going to use mine, credit me @granolias on your profile please.


sure girl xx