Can someone draw me a cover? (FREE OR PAID) show exaples pls

I do drawn cover for commission around $10-25 per person, if you’re interested feel free to check more in my shop in my bio! :sunflower:


yeah i will contact with you in instagram

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Oh sure …
And here’s my card link …
Choose the button that says “Character Art Commission”
And a form will come up …u can fill in that
It’s way easier to get the details for me😂

sure i’ll check it out

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I csn do it for free depending on what you would like, here are some examples :hugs:

I’m sorry for all those examples, but my style seems to change a bit :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sparkles:


hey, is there i can contact with you so we can talk about this?

My Instagram is @liamm.epsd

I already texted you @Liam.epsd

hey @ZamiraArts i texted you in instagram or at least i think so, it will be good if you check so we can talk about the cover?

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Really? Slr,I was asleep. I will check it now :blush::blush:

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I’m not going to do it anymore, your not sure which person you would like to do it for you, asking multiple people at once to make the same thing. I apologise :point_right::point_left:

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Hi, i’m looking if someone can draw me a cover i can even pay for it as long as it’s not too expansive. If you can please show examples first please.


Whats your budget?

didnt you already make a post

Hey i can do that . My prices are fair for the quality u can check my Instagram @findmylogic

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Hey I might be able to help my Instagram is @zoe.x_art for examples xx

how much it will coast?

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You could request at one of these shops they’re all free and you could see artists examples and choose

:ocean: Waves Art Shop :ocean: {OPEN & FREE}
:two_hearts: Lily’s art shop :two_hearts:
:cloud: Dark Dreams Art Shop :sparkles:(Open)
:unicorn: Olivia & Lily’s Unicorn Art Shop :unicorn:
Bloom art & editor shop (OPEN)


It depends on what your after

I usually say

Portraits - £10
Half body - £15
Full body - £20
Extra person - £3-£5

But it all depends on the complexity this is just a guide I’m willing to negotiate a price good for both of us :heart: