Can someone draw me a cover?

Hi! I’ve been looking for months for someone to draw me a cover and I’m really desperate right now because every shop where there are decent covers is closed or the people who are drawing are not available, I don’t know if someone is willing to draw me a free cover, but if you are, please let me know…


Do you want free, or commissioned?

Got to this

I’d be happy to draw you a cover,
My Instagram Is called lola.designzz and my commissions are open! My prices are very reasonable and I offer discounts for new authors.

free if it’s somehow possible

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thank you but i’m really broke right now and i cannot afford it, your art is great though!

Of course, it is! We have an incredible community ready to help at call, I know a very talented art shop, still open in 2021, I’d recommend checking it out! :wink:

thank you, I checked it but there was only one person who was doing covers and they weren’t drawn, unfortunately. Thank you for trying to help though

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