Can someone draw me a small cover (LL) I’ll give credit

Can someone draw me a small cover for my upcoming story, deadline mid March? I’ll give you credit, I’ll tag you every episode and I’ll make a spotlight on instagram just for your works :slight_smile::two_hearts:

Chars details


  • BODY : Neutral 1
  • FACE : Diamond
  • EYES : Female Generic (green emerald)
  • LIPS : small heart (warm pink gloss)
  • HAIR : long down wavy princess braid (brunette chocolate)
  • EYEBROW : arched natural (dark brown)
  • NOSE : Defined natural


  • BODY : Neutral 2
  • FACE : Square defined
  • EYES : narrow almond deep sunken (blue green)
  • LIPS : medium heart (pink peach medium gloss)
  • HAIR : medium messy fluffy parted (ash blonde)
  • EYEBROW : arched medium (dark brown)
  • NOSE : straight pointed



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I can. why the deadline?


My guess would be the Magicka contest?

that would be pretty late since she cant update after. the contets has started. and it can take a week for it to be approved. it has to be approved twice now.

Then, no clue.

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Nope, I’m not entering magicka contest, it’s purely for my upcoming story :slight_smile:

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I can do it! Click on my username then click on the website in my bio to see my art shop so you can see my work!