Can someone draw me an art scene

Hello can any one draw me an art scene?

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I can help! :smiley:

Do you want to see some of my art?


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I want to see some of your work

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Ok just a minute…

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These are amazing

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Thanks :blush:

Body:rose 04
Brow: straight medium (black)
Hair:Messy undercut (black dark)
Eyes: deepest heavy lid (blue green)
Face: chiseled square stubble shaved
Nose:straight pointed
Lips:full heart natural (beige Deep natural)

I’m going to sen u his clothes and the type of pose


Here, can you just draw a sexy standing pose with him smoking

Do you have a picture of it or no? Its totally ok if you don’t

No sorry i could find pic

That’s ok

Can you send a picture of the character?

Um, do u know how to make a character appear in computer screen

Ok thanks