Can someone edit a background?

Hey there…
Well I’m a new writer and don’t know how to edit a background and need it ASAP!! So just a quick note can anyone do it for me??
I would really really appreciate it and respect your efforts for me and would mention you in my story…
Here’s the background


And here’s what you need to do…



I need the reflection mirror in it
So if anyone can help me it would be a great help :innocent:

Thank you :heart: Love ya :heart:

Hey does this work?


OMG!! Thank you so much girl :heart::heart:
That’s totally what I wanted…
Do you have ig so that I can mention you??

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Sorry to disturb but can you give me a png image this is not png and episode is not allowing it…
So can you do something??
I mean like this is great and I really appreciate you work and the efforts you put but if you can do anything please…
Thank u :heart::heart:

It should be a png, it’s just that sometimes the forums for some reason converts images from png to something else. There’s nothing I can do, but you can go to a png convertor. Literally just search up png convertor, and it’ll convert any file for you. hope that helps! Also, I don’t have an episode only insta as of now, so you can just credit my forum name. <3


Oh for sure thank you so much for your help :heart::heart:

Well hey there sorry to disturb you again but the mirror is not reflecting…
Is there a way to fix this ?? Well I’ve seen the tutorial of Joseph evans on YouTube for reflecting mirror but unfortunately due to some reasons I am not able to do it so would you like to see that video and make it for me only if you have some free time that is of course…

That’s not exactly how it works. You have to create a copy of the character you’re trying to reflect. It doesn’t automatically do it on its own. Basically you need to upload a background with a whole in the place of a mirror. So it’s transparent in that spot. You’ll have to upload it as an overlay so you can layer it. Then you have to upload the mirror png you have as another overlay. Finally, you have to make a copy of the character you’re trying to mirror. Or object. It doesn’t reflect on its own.

I can send you the overlay you need sure, but you already have everything else you need.

Here it is: I compressed it so it fits the requirements. Remember to upload this and the mirror as separate overlays. That white part in the image is basically transparent, so you can layer it.

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Alright thank u so much for the quick tip :heart::heart:

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