Can someone edit a splashes for me like ASAP?

I need splashes “END OF THE CHAPTER” for my New story like rn, Im busy so I cant make it please :frowning: if you help me I can get you featured in my story and Im sure Will give credit :slight_smile: And surprise me with the pose, for background just use some ballroom background



  • BODY : Neutral 1
  • FACE : Diamond
  • EYES : Female Generic (green emerald)
  • LIPS : small heart (warm pink gloss)
  • HAIR : long down wavy princess braid (brunette chocolate)
  • EYEBROW : arched natural (dark brown)
  • NOSE : Defined natural


  • BODY : Neutral 2
  • FACE : Square defined
  • EYES : narrow almond deep sunken (blue green)
  • LIPS : medium heart (pink peach medium gloss)
  • HAIR : medium messy fluffy parted (ash blonde)
  • EYEBROW : arched medium (dark brown)
  • NOSE : straight pointed

Their outfits


Hey, I think i can have a go at it

Pleaseeee I really need it rn, so I can publish my story in time until they approve that splashes


Omg Thanks a lot :sob:

your welcome! So i’ll try and have it done by tomorrow morning, is that okay?

Sure I’ll Wait :slight_smile:

Okay, so the backround is ballroom?

and do you want any words such as Thanks for reading?

Yup, you can just use any royal ballroom on episodeinteractive. And No you just need to write END OF THE CHAPTER

Okay i’ll get to work now!

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Thanks a lot :sob: you’re my savior

Your so welcome!

What is the character’s skin tone?

Girl : neutral 01
Boy : neutral 02

Oh sorry i didn’t see that :laughing:

:joy::joy: thats okay

Can you like describe the characters personality? Please i don’t know if this pose is good or not.

The boy is desperate for her, but she always turn him off. He’s a lord and She’s His personal maid

Ohhh okay i have an idea now thank you!!!