Can someone edit my cover?

Hi!, if anyone can do this thank you! you can PM me if you want :orange_heart:

So this is the cover that I wanted to get editied –

All I need is for the dragon to be outlined in black and some of the scales outlined in black or purple whichever looks best, Finally for her eye color to be brighter, to make it pop out

l can try…should l? Tell me if l should

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hii! this looks like a drawn artwork, do u have the rights to use it/edit it from the original artist? :>


Yeah go ahead

Hi!, Yes I do :orange_heart:

ahh, my mistake then!

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Ok I might have it done tomorrow if that’s ok.

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Yeah, Thanks

Ok. Uh quick question. Do you just want the outline of the dragon or also the different parts like legs and ect. Like do you just want me to outline the dragon and some scales or do other outlines as well?

Just the outline and scales plz

Ok sounds good!

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Do you have a way that I can send it?

Hey, You can PM me?

May sound weird but how?

^^^ Press on my account name right there And then press message

But there is no message button.

Can you message me then I can send you back the picture?

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I am looking for anyone who can make a edited cover for me and for free ?