Can someone edit these backgrounds

can you add the snow first and second

third picture i need it night time with also snow at the window, also make an overlay around the fit pit of the chairs

last one i need it to be night time also

and if you make make the room facing to the bed where i can lie them down if you know what i am saying

and if you want to add anything you can

please and thanks


Hi. I can do. just give me a few time. :slight_smile:

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Int. Cabin

I ask for sorry, but i don’t understand what do you need for overlay. My english sucks XD. But i turn into night.


For the bedroom, i try to find another bed, but i don’t really like. It’s up to you :confused:

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the two cabin, can you take away the snow falling and have everything covered in snow not showing green please and its good tho

like this

the fire pit, i need an overlay of the chairs so i can get them to sit on it

and the bed i want the same bed, where it faces the bed only (just the background of the bed) so i can have them lying on it sideways

ok this is really bad but it’s my first time trying this.

Here the cabin:

Cabin Day

Cabin Night


Chair and fire day: [link1] [link2] [link3] [link4] [link5]

Chair and fire night: [link1] [link2] [link3] [link4] [link5]

you want the view of the bed on side?

yes if i explained it right

and with the cabin can you cover the green parts on the trees please

better than what i can do

I see. Well, it’s not possible change the view of the bed to be totally sideway. i can invert, but the view still is on the front :confused:

here, what a mean:



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like this way, side ways and also still green by the fire pit area

did that make senses