Can someone edit this background for me? Help Please?

Hey, Can someone edit this background for me??
I’d appreciate it a lot if someone can edit this for me! :blush::revolving_hearts:


Could you change these red lines into violet/purple color? And for the green line white color?

Also, Could you make the red roofs become purple or violet too?

Here’s the original Pic without the lines

Could you also make a night version??

Thanks! :two_hearts:

Did someone help you with this yet?

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Sadly No :sweat_smile:

I will see what I can do for you

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Thanks! Looking forward to it :green_heart::revolving_hearts:

I am sorry been trying to find the right editor the one I used to use is not working for some reason. Will try some more if anyone knows a good editing tool please let me know

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Oh, okay, It’s fine, Thanks for helping :revolving_hearts::green_heart::grin: