Can someone edit this background?


HeY! Could someone make the trailer not have any lights on? Also rough the trailer up a bit so it’s old looking and dirty. I really just need it looking abandoned.
Maybe vines and mold on it somethin? idk

I don’t have a time limit but I would like it asap, thanks! :clap:

the main thing is the lights


I could try to do something, but I can’t really promise a lot. Also, I’d have to wait until home.


Ok, thanks. I know getting the lights out of there might be tricky, gooduck. :wink:


Hey! I’m working on the edit, but I have a dilemma:
Since I had to make some things little bit darker for the edit, would you prefer it to be like this

Or like this, so that it all matches?


Thank you so much! You can use the second option thats darker.




I uh… Tried to add some rust to it and uh…

I’m not really proud of it, I think it’s one of my worst work yet, so I’ll let you decide if you also want the rust or just the broken glass ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Lmao, it looks good.


Okay, I’ll make the imagine and just leave it here


@TriggerWarning Here it is!


Tysm! It looks good ^^


Thank you!