Can someone explain character development?

i didn’t know what category to put this in but. can someone explain character development to me? i basicallt kind of know what it is and i know that a lot of people like it but i need a further explanation ?


Basically it’s how the character grows as a person overtime.
It might be that their views on something gradually change or they become more caring or they become a better person. It can also be reversed so a character becomes worse over time. Essentially character development allows the character to change over the course of the story and not stay the same and appear rigid.

Character development is often aided by more important plot points (because it doesn’t always make sense for a character to suddenly change without any situation happening to cause the change) for example, a character that appeared weak, fearful and disbelieving of themself might go into battle and beat an arch nemesis and therefore become braver, more resilient and confident after learning from the experience or they may become more damaged than they were initially.


its a devolpments of the person. you can see a person grow and change through the story.

an example could be Zuko in avatar the last airbender,he devopled from an enemy who had to capture the avatar for been able to return home. at the end he helped the avatar defeat his evil father. thats a giant devoplment.

an example of when no charatere devolpment happens is in my little pony, Fluttershy is a shy scared girl, and by the end of the series after defeated one evil after the other, she is still shy and scared. she didnt develop through the show.

Now charatere devolpments dosent just mean becoming stronger, like in legend of Korra she was strong and through the story she got broken by defeat. and then she had to devolp through that, or a show from my country there is famouse for its charatere devolpments, we have Mads who you cheer for in the start and by the end his charatere devolpment had turn him into someone you hated.

now the devolpment has to go at a steady pase, you cant just have a weak and shy person turn into a expert warrior in a couple of days,

again with the show Mads as example, Mads devolpment into hate, started with small things, him been a bad parent, him doing some illegal deals, and at the end how he threathed his son when he found out he was gay, if the goal was to hate him they could have showed his homophobia in episode 1, but it build up. we already didnt like him when it happen, we had seen a charatere we like turn bad and then it ended here with hate.


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I super agree with what everyone else here said about character development! One thing that I’d like to add, though, is this cool “guide” to how to write character development: link. Obviously, you don’t have to follow it exactly, but I sometimes think it’s hard to figure out how to write a character changing gradually, so having a structure to follow is nice. I also really like the way Alan Watt explains his version of the structure in The 90-Day Screenplay, but that’s a book so it’s not as easy to see/read lol

Anyway, I really like KM Weiland’s lil guide there, especially the examples. Just wanted to add that in case it would help :slight_smile:

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