Can someone explain "counters" to me?

Under “story modifiers” in the portal’s preview, there’s a thing called “counters”. What is that?

I understand it has something to do with remembering choices, but what’s the difference between “counters” and “flags” and “character points”? When are they important?

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do you mean conditions?

character points is something you can add to any charactere

@MC +1

@LI -5

@NAME =4

and then you can use those point to unlock spical scenes by using if

flags is a way to remember, it can both be used with points gain a choices.

for points it looks like this

if (MC =3) {

else {


I know what flags and character points are and how they work.

I’m talking about the middle one here:

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okay, I have no idea, I never used it, and I am a very advance coder,

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Yeah, and I can’t find anything in their tutorials :confused:

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maybe its a thing the staff of episode use. because I have no idea

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