Can someone explain gems to me?

no idea if this is the right topic but,

I’ve been reading about gems lately, and how it supports authors.
I kind of have a rough idea but I’m not entirely sure how it works?

How do you become a paid writer?
How does the ‘support the author’ gem choice actually support the author?
Do you need to reach some expectations/goals to become a paid writer?


I’m not entirely sure, but here’s what I think is true

To become a paid author, you need to get 500,000 reads in 60 days OR 100,000 reads and 500,000 gems in 60 days.

By supporting the author, you are giving gems to a story which could help the author reach the minimum for writer’s payment or simply boost the story in the genre rankings which will allow other people to find the story thus giving the author more reads.


Lol I’m not an author but currently working on a story, and the support author gem actually supports the author, if the author gets 500,000 and 100,000 gems in 60 days I think they get money, but I actually don’t know :no_mouth:


Gems also help to get better with the rank …


It dont really. They help you rank. But i got 300 read with 60 gems in one Day and was on the top fantasy only for a few hours. It helps yes but one gem choice wont make put you in the trending


oh! wrong info! just deleting that thanks!

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Its not wrong… You are right too… It has two purposes; one to open payment mode by reaching certain gem limits and other is ranking, it boost ranking for few hours or days… But ranking goes up n down every hour.


Hi, so now the ranking is based on both reads and gems, the more you got the higher you rank.

And the higher you rank the more new readers you will most likely get.

If you have few reads the gems will help you for few hours but even this is good to make sour story more visible. With steady amount of reads it helps of course even more.

And once you open the payment system you will earn extra money for the gems readers spend on your story.

If I get it right its about the gem ratio - if you receive 1000 reads per month and 600gems than your gems are at 60% ratio. And what ever income you get for the reads you will get +60% thanks to the gems.

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  1. Becoming a paid writer
  • When all your published stories hit 500k general reads (or as I call them, episodes read because it’s counted when a reader completes an episode) over the last 60 days. Or…
  • When all your published stories hit 100k gem reads (meaning your readers read a chapter and bumps into at least 1 gem choice) AND a total of 50k gems (if the choice is a 5 gem choice, buy that and you’ll receive 5 gems) spent by readers to unlock any gem choice across your published stories over the last 60 days.
  1. Supporting the author
    Gem choices you buy in an unpaid writer’s published stories can help them unlock writer payments system.
    Gem choices you buy in a paid writer’s published stories adds to their reader’s retention score, aiding their stories in climbing the ranks in their respective genre and community stories in general. They also get paid more depending on their reads and gems spent.

  2. Expectations/goals to become a paid writer
    At this point, if writing on Episode becomes your source of income (yes, there are! Naemi Tiana, the author of the 90-episode long story The Lovely One is an example), writing can be scary.
    You need to meet the demands of the readers, what they want to read and what they don’t want to read. Because if you don’t, you’ll lose read counts. Which means less income.
    You also need to advertise your story well. Keep it sustaining. Most stories that were finished before May 1st (the gem update) have troubles trying to stay afloat on the ranks. Higher ranks = more reads, which is why the skip-the-waits are used by authors in completed stories.

BUT. If you’re writing for fun and side income just sounds nice… Do whatever you like with your story. After all, it’s your hobby.

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