Can someone explain how I can download overlays on the forum?

I was looking on the forum for arm overlays or something for my cover, but when I find when, and I press on the download button nothing happens? Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong?

what sort of device to you have?

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I’m behind the computer?

no like do u have a mac or a windows?

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Oh lol windows

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oh ok lol try right clicking it and it should say like download or something on those words

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Hmm I don’t know I can see the picture and I press it and then underneath the picture stands Download in blue? but if I press that it only zooms in?

try clicking the download button and maybe check your downloads folder to see if its in there

Right click on the image and click save.

Downloads folder? as in on the forum? or just the computer because it’s not in the computer

Where is that supposed to stand? like underneath or?

it should be in your computer files

how about you send me the picture you want to download and maybe i can download it for you?

It’s going to pop up when you right click on it. It will say save as. somewhere.

Then it should be in your downloads.

Wait Imma gonna try again

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Nah, I press it, and it zooms, then I press the download thingy, and it zooms like all over my screen, and there is nothing like a save that or something? It’s also not in my computer folder

ok then send the picture you want to me and i can download it to you?

But how can I send the picture if it’s not on my computer?

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ok can you give me a link to where you found the picture on the forum?