Can someone explain hugging in Limelight to me?

I have tried to make two characters (both female) hug in the Limelight style but it looked very weird, can someone explain it to me?

Can you send a screenshot?

One character (CHAR1) needs to do the regular hug animation while the other character (CHAR2) does the hug rear animation.
CHAR2 needs to face the same direction as CHAR1, because anytime you have a character do a rear animation, they need to face the opposite direction in which you want them to face.
CHAR1 also needs to be at a lower layer than CHAR2

@CHAR1 moves to layer 1 and CHAR2 moves to layer 2
@CHAR1 faces right and CHAR2 faces right
@CHAR1 is [hug animation] and CHAR2 is [hug rear animation]