Can someone explain me what these tools are for? (Ibis paint x)

hey i hope you guys are having a good day or a good night . So I was wondering if you guys can help me. Can someone explain me what do theses tool do? Which one is to edit there character pose? Because I new to ibis paint x and I have no idea what there use for

first pic

-transform is to move the drawing around
-magic wand is to select a certain area to colour in (magic wand makes it so that the colour doesn’t go out of the selected area, if that makes sense)
-lasso is used to select an area and then you can transform that specific area using the transform tool
-filter is to put a different colour on top (I think?) like it gives the character a different (but faint!) colour
-brush is to draw, eraser is to erase/get rid of
-smudge is to well… smudge the drawing.
-blur is to make the drawing more blurry(useful for blending!)
-bucket is to fill in an enclosed area with a select colour
-text is to add text to the drawing
-eye dropper is to select a colour on the drawing

second pic

the graph axis one is to transform the entire layer
the one under it is to flip the layer/drawing horizontally
the one under that is to flip it vertically
the arrow pointing at 2 lines is to merge the selected layer with the one underneath it
and the trash can is to delete the selected layer

I hope this helps!


Thank you sm

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you’re welcome :))

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