Can someone explain this to me

So i was scrolling through the limelight wishlist thread and the sheer amount of cool as clothing used in features stories is ridiculous, I’m just genuinely curious if they’ve ever stated why there is so much locked content. I don’t read featured stories because they annoy the sht out of me but the exclusive clothing and hair is really really cool, Idk it’s just a pet peeve of mine like why do they lock clothing, hair, animations, and backgrounds??? Obviously, they have the code and art all figured out but the fact episode doesn’t release more content in art updates annoys me :// (just bc of the SHEER AMOUNT of unreleased stuff)


They always annoy me too. Some stories just have WAY too many gem choices, and technically, I don’t see it as a choice when I can only choose one. :neutral_face:


Premium choice (gem choice) outfits and hairstyles cannot be released. Some of these things need to remain exclusive to their stories so that they are different and stand out from community stories.

Some of these assets, backgrounds, hairstyles, outfits extra are copyright. They have made them specifically for collaboration stories like with PLL, Clueless, Mean Girls, Demi Lovato etc. So it would be illegal for them to release these assets as it would be in violation with their contracts with these collabs.

They also cannot just release all these things all together. It has to be done slowly. It takes months to create these assets so they need to be released at specfic periods. If they just released everything on one day, then they would not have anything to release for a long time as they would still be making new things.

I do think they are releasing things a bit slower than usual but that’s probably because of the pandemic and their art team must be limited from working remotely.


Ahh that makes sense, thanks for explaining it!!

my theory is that with these featured stories is that they use these locked content (not including the ones under a collaboration contract) to see which ones get the most feedback and positive response from the community, based on the gem choices of how many of the readers would spend their gems on certain content. So in a way, they can possibly be treating their stories as an experiment to see which ones would make the cut, and which ones that wouldn’t.

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Bruh same here I get annoyed because a choice isn’t really a choice if you know 100% what you would do without hesitation. Gem choices destroys the featured stories tbh. I could love the original version (for example breaking the royal kingdom is the original version of coming for the crown) but then despise the featured version.

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When these stories are out for beta read (not officially released) that is the purpose. To see which choices people choose to spend gems on, to see how many read it etc. But once it’s officially released its done. They won’t release any gem choice outfits/hairstyles to the community because it needs to remain exclusive to their story.

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