Can someone explain this?

Hey so I’m relatively new to Episode but was wondering if I had an old version of the Writer Portal ?
I read other stories and their speech bubbles are purple and just look more “new” but mine are blue?
I have seen a few other authors with it and its not that much of a problem but it just seems to look more aesthetically pleasing. Also I noticed that other authors can put in "pop up " bubbles (that’s maybe the only way I can describe them!) They pop up at the top of the screen and are usually for authors to tell the readers something that might impact the scene or to give a fact/statement that explains it / gives context. Is this separate or linked?
Its confusing as I know my portal works and updates itself fine as I get new clothes and animations!

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:joy::joy:This is a simple hack. If you want the purple ones first name your story “Demi Lovato” then rename it later. If you want the pink ones name it “Mean Girls”. This is a transition a lot of us had.

I’m not sure what you mean by pop up bubbles… you can PM a picture of one and I’ll explain it to you. You might be talking about ReaderMessage but that usually appears at the bottom of the screen

It appears at the top now :ok_hand:t3:

You can add ReaderMessage anytime on the script. Your choice

In order for the speech bubbles and overall color theme to be Pink or Purple you’re going to have to start a new story.
Name the story:
A) Demi Lovato for the purple theme
B) Mean Girls for the pink theme
Then start editing a bit, then preview the story to make sure the theme went through
Once you see it has you can change the story name to whatever you want

It’s sadly too late now. Sorry about that, but next time you can use the speech bubbles.

There’s no other away, hun. Sorry

Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: