Can someone explain to me why these two covers were rejected?!

feel free to correct me if i’m wrong as i just skimmed over this, but i’ve had a ton of issues with episode and approving covers :sob: what i’ve learned is to fight their rejection, question them and pry for more information, that way you know what is wrong and what to fix

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You don’t need to blur/pixelate the blade as bladed weapons are permitted on covers, it’s just the guns that aren’t as far as weapons go.

I could be wrong but I think having the pixelated areas could be a problem since they strongly suggest you have things on the cover that are not permitted to be there, even though you’ve made efforts to hide them from clear view, the fact is they’re there. That could be the reason (or one of the reasons) why the cover keeps getting rejected.

Every time you submit your cover for review, you are more than likely to get a different reviewer each time so what you could do is keep trying until you get a reviewer who approves the cover, but because of their facial expressions, the sitting on the desk and the hand-cuffs coupled with the pixelated areas it does look a bit suggestive and for that reason if it were my cover - I would remove the guns altogether so you don’t have anything censored, have the bladed weapon shown (because it’s allowed) and as a last resort if all of that didn’t work, alter one or both of their expressions.

That’s just my opinion though, however I do wish you the best of luck because that is a fine cover! :blush: