Can someone find me a background?

Hey Everyone!!
I actually want a background that looks somewhat like this.
It doesn’t have to be exactly like this just a little closer to this.
If you are willing to help please help me find the background.
I’ll credit you in my story.
So, here’s the background–

I uploaded it on backgrounds but it didn’t get approved.

So, if you are willing to help feel free to message below!!


There’s a EXT. JUNGLE LOST TEMPLE background in background section. It doesn’t look like this at all but has the same ancient historic ruins kind of feeling. I don’t know if it suits your story theme.

I’ll check it out
But I don’t think its gonna suit it because I want that type of background with the same colour to the background as in I guess its dawn but I don’t really know.

But thanks anyway for your help.

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I can’t make it myself but maybe you could ask @Kyralynn? :slight_smile:

what did you look up to get this image?

I guess… it’s close?

Thanks for the mention! I’ll work some magic and have the background for you as soon as I can :slight_smile: @S.Dsana

I made this one :slight_smile: If you want me to tweak a couple things please let me know

There’s also this one :))

Gosh these are amazing! :astonished::astonished:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: You’re so sweet. :heart:

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Thanks for your help @Kyralynn
Um… if you can change the colour of this

Image to the one that I posted as in the brownish and a bit of trace of yellow in it.
Thank you if could do this.

And please do tell me at what do you want me to credit you.

Thank you for your background @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE.
But it has a car in it and my story is of the period where cars doen’t exist.
But thanks anyway.
And can you tell me something that I can credit you with.
That’ll be good because if I wanted to use this image for my other story I could be able to credit you.

Here you go, if I still didn’t get it right please tell me.

When requesting a background/overlay I would try to explain it to the best of your ability. It makes it easier for artists to get you what you need in faster time. Just a suggestion. I hope I don’t sound rude :grimacing:

You can credit me @episode.kyra (on Instagram)

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Next time I’ll keep that in mind and thanks for the suggestion.
Thanks for your time @Kyralynn
It will do.

Sure credit my episode profile Amani182-Episode


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@Ryan close…this…please…