Can someone from Episode help with this?

So… I filed a support ticket asking why my story never made it on the new user stories when I’ve seen instagram ads make it on the new user stories right? And my story followed the guidelines too… Aka grammar and punctuation etc…
But these stories with poor grammar and punctuation made it instead of my story. I don’t mean to sound like a jelous brat at all but when I filed the support ticket… What I got back was this:

Jan 7, 4:19 AM PST

Hi Rosa,

Thanks for writing in!

In order for us to consider featuring your story, it must abide by our rules and guidelines. Some quick ones to remember are:

Your story must be at least 3 chapters long

Each chapter of your story must have at least 400 lines of dialogue

You must ensure that your story contains correct grammar and spelling

Be creative! Submit a story that is really unique, that makes us say “WOW!” in the first 20 lines

We like stories that have lots of meaningful choices that feel like they really make a difference

You may refer to our terms of use here and our story content standards here to ensure your story adheres to our terms and conditions.

Remember, your story doesn’t necessarily have to be finished when you submit it - it just needs to show great promise and development.

For now, there isn’t an exact formula for getting your story featured. Many factors are considered including the aforementioned rules provided. When we see that a story is climbing up in the ranks in the User Stories section or has become popular, sometimes our team will reach out to this author and possibly feature them in our app.

We would recommend promoting your story on social media as much as you can and in the forums and this will help get the word out about your story.

Good luck and happy writing!


But the description of the new user stories is that episode has not reviewed any of the content of the story! This shelf is SUPPOSED to help new authors get noticed right?
Well shouldn’t all new author stories get put on the shelf instead of just advertisements for social media? I am geniuinely confused about this. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure they thought you were asking why you hadn’t been featured on one of the weekly shelves and misunderstood. That’s basically a copy and paste for what the have in their FAQ section :thinking:

I don’t work for episode, but to answer your original question… The new user story shelf is an absolute mess! Mine only shows 4 or 5 stories and changes every three minutes even though it’s supposed to give new stories a chance to be seen for 48 hours (if I’m remembering correctly). I’m not sure the exactly formula for how they update that part of the app, but perhaps other people got a chance to see your story on their app but for you it showed other stories?

Possibly and I definitely agree about the new user stories being a mess right but it’s like? An AD? Seriously? I legit read a story where the author came on and said “Go to my instagram and DM for script help” before the episode ended. And it was the same in the next episode. (I don’t mean like story AND THEN a little insta advert… I mean the whole story was an ad for their insta.)

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Also this was the support ticket info too:

Jan 5, 7:37 AM PST

I myself am a new user whom published her story on christmas eve 2018 and I’ve checked the new user stories come and go but have yet to see mine. :frowning: I even saw a story that was just an advertisement for instagram followers but mine never made it up there. Is there a reason why mine isn’t on the new user stories?