Can someone give me a duo customisation template

I need a script in LIMELIGHT… that will customise both the main character CORA and her love interest XENAX as well as well as let the reader customise names

For customizing characters, check this out:

For naming your characters, check this out:

Good luck! :lollipop: :black_heart:

.-. Confusing… (I don’t understand templates by Dara, I mean that with no intention of being rude either at all… I just have trouble understanding…)

I need a template where it will let the reader name the character… Customise… Bring the love interest in… Name… Customise… :stuck_out_tongue:

They aren’t confusing at all : )

You just need to read the instructions :wink:

Try seeing if you get it, and if not, I’ll PM you ^^

Okay thankyou! I read through it a few times and finally understand it… But now in my story… I need to add an overlay… Can you help… In this scene the overlay needs to be a car that hits cora…

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If you go to the overlays section in the art catalog, and search up “car” you’ll find many cool overlays provided by Episode ^^

Or you could upload your own overlay : )

Can check out this on how to: 🖼 HOW TO: Upload Cover / Background / Overlay

And to put your overlay into the scene, you can read this wonderful guide from the forums: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

To include zooms in the scene, check out: Zoom Directing (The Art of the Zoom Made Easy)

And you can even check out this thread: Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

Hopefully all these resources help and good luck! :lollipop: :black_heart:

I have a question but it’s more so about an overlay. I want to put fangs on my limelight story characters but not sure how to. How do you move the overlay?