Can someone give me pointers on my story


I can do read for reads but only one episode


It’s my first story


I can whats your story and author name under?


It’s not published I’ll send a link




I can do read for read


I aware I’ve read ur stories anyway





Omg I love your storys


Just went through whoever I’ve read


:sweat_smile::heart: thanks

Just finished your episode
How many lines was it?
It was good!!!


Thx it was my first story and draft
It is 2796 lines


What’s the story about?


Wow!!! Thats a lot of lines!!!
I think your story is perfect maybe make Emma smaller in some scenes :sweat_smile:


It’s about a new kid arriving at a school and they are signed up to a charity event to stay together for a week

When they can chose to go there separate ways what will they decide??


It’s called two peas in a pod


Thx I’ll do that and it’s only my first draft so I can improve


It was still really good though!!! :grin: keep up the great work​:upside_down_face: