Can someone go through and add sound+ music to my stories? (in return- I'll make you a cover, script template+ more)

Okay guys, so I HATE adding sounds and music to my story, and it’s always something I choose to overlook. If someone could go through 8 episodes of one of my stories and add music + sounds as you see fit, I’ll give you an edit (and/or cover), custom script template, and the rest of the benefits from my $10 tier on my patron.

Click to see all you'll get for doing this

Examples of covers/edits

Go to my instagram to see previews of minigames/ script templates I’ve created!

This could be a one time thing- where you get all the stuff I listed for just 8 episodes- OR this could become an ongoing monthly agreement.

If this flops- you never saw me <3 !


Wow, your edits are really good!
Maybe I could…?

As tempting it sounds but ughh i hate adding music and sounds with a burning passion. so sorry :frowning:

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Yea, that sounds great! Do you have an insta I can DM you on- or should I IM you on here?

My IG is @juliewrites.on.episode or PM on here works too :slight_smile:

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