Can someone guide me in how to use & and @ script commands please?

I know that using & and @ together makes things go smoothly, but how do I use them properly?

For example, I want to have my characters in place before I transition in. The scene is INT. DELTA HOUSE MEETING ROOM - DAY, if that is important…haha.

Do I use the ‘&’ for the character placements and then the ‘@‘ for the transition in? Or is that completely wrong? If anyone can give me some guidance with the ‘&’ and ‘@‘ symbols in the script that would be great!

Thank you wonderful people in advance! XO

For the transition:
@CHARACTER stands position
#you can put a pause here or dialogue, or using & cut to a zone or zoom
@transition fade in black 2

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Awesome thank you so much!

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Use & for all commands before the transition

More info about script symbols here


PERFECT thank you so much!!