Can someone help create an overlay out of my background?

I’m new and need a chair from this background so my characters legs arent just floating in air as they sit. Just one chair is fine since I’m assuming you can use one overlay multiple times in one background. Please correct me if I’m wrong on that as well! I’m using the photo in 3 zones and it’ll be really zoomed in if that matters. I want to preface this and say unfortunately I can’t afford commission but I’m more than willing to give artist credit.

hey if you need help all you need to do is go onto the snipping tool on desktop and cut out a seat/s

also i’m pretty sure you can use multiple overlays in the scene if this helps :relaxed:

i can still do it if you want me to though

seat overlay

Thank you for the help! I figured out how to do it since I only needed a certain section of it. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience, and I really appreciate you helping out!

its all good hon! no sweat as long as u understand what to do :relaxed:

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