Can someone help get the ball rolling? Drama, plots?

So I’ve been stuck on my first episode on how to get the ball rolling and I need some help, I’ve thought about this a lot but nothing come to my mind.

My story is a comedy love hate kinda romance but nothing cliché and is from the male MC’s point of view. Basically male MC has just come back to school after being sent off for some time to find a new girl from England. Both these characters are quite badass and have good chemistry between them although can’t get along too well. I’ve thought about all the drama and plot as the story progresses but I need help as I said getting the ball rolling. I need like a ‘has to do a project together’ senaro but I don’t want anything cliche.

Can anyone help??

Hmmm, I get what you mean…
Maybe the parents have business together or something.
Or maybe something happens to one of their friends and they have to team up to find them.
You might be able to add some leverage or blackmailing to get the two to work together.
These are a little cliche, but I hope I helped!

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Thank you, yeah I liked the black mail one x

Oh, no probs! Glad you found it useful! :blush:

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