Can someone help? I suck at choices lol

I’m not good at the whole choices thing so could someone help please? It’s got all the indents and stuff where there’s talking but idk what’s wrong
It says unexpected character: NARRATOR right at the part where it says something about a character named Mason.

    AUTHOR (talk_handsonhips)
    Thanks for reading!

label QandA
&AUTHOR is idle
&speechbubble is 166 267 to 100%
Any questions?
“Will the episodes get any longer?”{
Yes. As the story progresses the episodes will get longer, I promise
goto QandA
}“Background and overlay credit” {
Credit to turtle_cat for the jail cell background
goto QandA
}“I don’t remember who Mason is”
Here’s a scene from episode 2

&cut to zone 3
&zoom on 830 450 to 486% in 0
&overlay PHOTO1 opacity 0
&overlay PHOTO2 create
&overlay PHOTO2 opacity 1
&overlay 4927334231441408_PHOTO2 shifts to 142 390 in zone 3
&overlay 4927334231441408_PHOTO2 scales to 0.208 0.208 in zone 3

after this its a bunch of talking and then the rest

goto QandA
} “I’m done asking questions” {
Are you sure you’re done asking questions?
“Yes!” {
goto after_faq
} “No, take me back” {
goto QandA

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I think you forgot a bracket, I could be wrong.

Also if you have a choice within a choice, it won’t work.

yeah I did forget a bracket. Thank you

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No problem, happy writing! :purple_heart:

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