Can someone help me code this scene?

I’m ok with directing, it’s just the spot directing that gets me sometimes! If anyone can help me, please, im really stuck lmao


Tip for spot directing, note that I use this method whenever I write and it works great…



@MAINCHARACTER stands screen center

And then click preview, then click the direction help button and click spot direction… Move the character to the place you want and then read the script below the preview and you should see a small box with a code in it… You replace the code above… with whatever is in that box

Joseph Evans has a tutorial for this on YouTube if you want to look I’ve it again but I can help if you would like?

I know how to direct and do spot directing, just sometimes its tricky ya know?

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I get you :joy: so I can try to help you if you like? Just let me know what you’re trying to do

I can help you, too.

@Cheris @Evilyn its like a cafeteria scene

Okay and what exactly do you need help with there?

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Is it like characters in the background? Or something more specific?

Like the spotting some bits and the animations while the characters are talking so it doesn’t look lik the bg characters are just standing still

MOOD, I still struggle with BG characters. I’ve legit got a scene where the BG characters are getting rejected during proposals, eating cupcakes etc and just people walking AND I FAIL EVERY TIME. XD

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