Can someone help me come up with a title ahHHH


i’ll write out a short description.

a few friends go on a field trip to an insane asylum and they get locked in there. in order to get out, they have to complete a series of tasks that are quite horrifying.


The Asylum Games

lol first though I though of.


oh wow i like that one a lot


I read it and it was the first thing I though of! :slight_smile: glad you like it!


Asylum Series, The Asylum Ghosts
Please, don’t judge! The first thoughts that came to me when I first read the description!


The Asylum


Asylum Survival

Échapper à l’asile (Escaping the Asylum)


is the last one in french?


it is! episode doesn’t allow accents but you can still make it work!


1.Lets play
2.Do or Die
3.Death Trip


1.Trapped in crazy
2.Trip to crazy
3.The jokers vacation
4.Surviving crazy