Can someone help me decide?

I can’t go futher if I can’t make a decision on this
the story is in holland
where should I play my story ?

school: If I want my characters to go to school I wil show our dutch school system, our holidays? life of students and so on

work: it is a bit different from from other counrty’s I will still add our holidays to it

I just thought about how confussing this sounds so if you have questions please ask me ?:confounded:

  • school
  • work

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There is a lot of stories around school and college, if you make a story about a work place then it’s different.

If you need any help just send me a message xx


Work in the Netherlands can actually be really different from work in other countries, but that has something to do with the Dutch mentality. People are really direct here, being a Dutchie you mostly don’t even realize it until other people point it out, whereas in some countries criticism or other expressions will be a bit ‘sugar-coated’ or more like beating around the bush.


Also, as well school as work can be more informal here than it might be in foreign countries.

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that’s true I do never realize that but we really are ! I just thought every country is a bit like that (about work)

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also true I do see a few people who need to wear school uniforms but it’s really uncommon for us !

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That too! But for example I was planning on going to the US (didn’t work out eventually but still) and I was told to put a picture of myself on my CV wearing a collared shirt. Like people here sometimes actually use selfies on their CV :joy:

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Depends on the story line. What is gonna happen? Where does it fit the best.

Im also from the Netherlands :laughing: But I think you can let it both work. School is a bit different but holidays are almost the same, but shorter :joy:

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